Tuesday 16th August, Gardens open from 18:00 with talk at 19:00


A local historical talk, in support of the Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal, on the 150th Anniversary of the first use of the Ballot Box in Pontefract.


Throughout the ages, Felkirk and the occupants of Hodroyd Hall, have long been involved in developing the political landscape of the local area. In the 1200s Sir John de Hodrode, who lived at Hodroyd Hall, was appointed steward of Pontefract castle by the then powerful Earl Delacey. In the late 1500s, Sir Thomas Gargrave, another resident, became the deputy Constable of Pontefract castle.


The Monckton family acquired of Hodroyd Hall in the 1600s and in 1695, Robert Monckton who had the backing of the powerful Whig aristocrat the Duke of Newcastle was returned as one of two MPs for Pontefract. Over the next 160 years, the Monckton family represented the local area of Pontefract on numerous occasions.


In 1872, the Pontefract constituency recorded the first use of the secret ballot box in a general election. For the first time in British elections, constituents could cast their vote in secret.


To mark the anniversary of the first use of the ballot box, David Evans Curator of Pontefract Museum will explore the history surrounding the ballot box and its role in shaping our political history.  The current Member of Parliament for Pontefract, the Right Honourable Yvette Cooper MP will share her thoughts on the continuing importance of the ballot box.


Tickets £10, including refreshments, with all proceeds going to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

Talk on the 150th anniversary of the use of the ballot box in Pontefract

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